One Seven

Wealth Management

Building a brand

One Seven is a group of financial advisors that came together to forge a space of their own. Seeking a new, a clearly defined mission, and a stunning digital presence, they came to us to build their brand. Starting with in-depth stakeholder interviews and word association exercises, all the way to developing a fully-functional mobile responsive website just in time for their launch, we led them through the creative process from start to finish.

Leading the charge on both the copywriting and the design, the first step towards building the One Seven brand began with a survey of the current landscape. In the world of wealth management, we saw the same primary themes repeated over and over again—and this group of advisors wanted to stand out, focusing less on their immediate product offerings and more on developing lasting relationships.

With the notion of creating a brand defined by meaningful relationships, we we're inspired by the seven pillars of wellness: the belief that in order to be truly fulfilled, one must be balanced in all areas of life. Ultimately, the name One Seven emerged. One client. One advisor. One relationship.

Oneseven iMac

User experience & interface design

The began the design process with several stakeholder interviews eventually moving on to a series of use cases to provide a clear understanding of the firms target audience. We documented the user flow through comprehensive wireframes and functional prototyping. Our design team then moved on to the production of full visual mockups for each section of the site followed by development.

The result was a meticulously designed user interface that is both functional and engaging. Each page is fully responsive and optimized for performance across all modern browsers.